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The Turf-Pro Guarantee

We Pledge Great & Timely Service From a Professionally Trained Crew

We PromiseTo Give You...


  • The best quality fertilizer and weed-control product possible, applied at the proper rate, and at the proper time.

  • Consistent service from experienced, well-educated, friendly, motivated, and caring team members.

  • Quick response to problems, questions, requests, and service calls that shouldn’t be necessary because of the simple fact that we do the job right the first time.

  • Lawn and landscape application using the safest and most effective products available that will not harm people, pets, or environment.

  • Great communication between our team and the customer, providing important information to customers in a timely manner.

If you find that any of our services do not meet
these standards, please contact owner
Raymond Harvey, and we will make it right!


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